The Cronut, One of the Answers of People Obsession towards the New and Deliciousness

Took place in New York City pastry shop in the middle of May, Dominique Ansel, debuted its work of art that has became the global sensation. Cronut, the confectionary mix-breed, has successfully stolen the hearts of many food lovers. That includes people from Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Berlin, and Philippine.

“It is basically a fuse of doughnut and croissant, yet created a whole difference from both. While the outside layers are sugary and crispy, inside it has soft, tender, layers that represented the trait of croissant,” says Ansel, that claimed that he came all the way from France “another thing that makes it special is that it’s not a simply fried croissant dough, the dough is a specialized mix developed specifically for the cronut.”

Within approximately six months after its initiation, many imitated this masterpiece, abused, and appropriated. Starting from New York, to New Zealand, via London, and the entire UK. It went spreading almost all over the world in such time.

 Could cronut – the brand-newly created cusine by Ansel – become another pastry classic? Or will it just be some fad that will pass eventually? Despite the fame it gained through social media that made it worldwide since its debut, it has yet convinced everybody.


Monday I’m in Love


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Welcome to the BlackCat Jazz & Blues Club Jakarta, whence the liquor is old and jazz is in the air. This 11th November, the BlackCat Jazz & Blues Club Jakarta presented itself with a lineup of 80s and 90’s old school rock and roll band: the Colours Band ft. ONCE.

We began with Judy and Denny on the vocals, Krisna on the keys, Noldy on the quitar, Ario on the bass, and Eko on the drums – as they blasted the stage literally (almost knocking one of the mic stands over) and entertained the crowd with their sense of humor.

80’s and 90’s music enthusiasts, as well as BlackCat’s regulars crowded the floor and seats to welcome ONCE of the distinctive rockband Dewa19. This officially secondary act turned out to be the main performance of the night, as audience left their seats to approach the charismatic energy of Once Mekel.

Twice a month on ‘Monday I’m in Love’, we boast that the rock and roll spirit can be manifested on this Jazz and Blues Club.

Black Cat – Delights from the kitchen


Sizzle your taste buds with our fine Black Angus choice cuts tenderloin. Cooked to a crisp or bloody as hell, your choice. We have two selections of cuts in our menu that will entice your intrigue: The “Norah Jones” Tender & Tail and “Maynard Ferguson’s Tenderloin Steak.

The “Norah Jones” Tender & Tail, a combination of 150 grams certified Angus beef Tenderloin cooked to order, and 200 grams of tiger prawn tail, covered with black pepper sauce, served with sautéed mixed vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes will get your

The “Maynard Ferguson’s” Tenderloin Steak, 200 grams certified Angus beef tenderloin cooked to order, then served with a sauce of your choice, Cajun French Fries and salad

Chocolate Melt

For dessert we present our “Art Farmer’s” Chocolate Melt, a delicious chocolate cake filled with warm chocolate sauce. Fresh from the oven and straight to your table, we guarantee that this platter will sweeten up your time at Black Cat Jazz & Blues Club – tonight.

Calling All the Party People: New Year Gala Dinner

Experience the most purrfect New Year’s Eve yet here at BlackCat Jazz & Blues Club!

It’s not just an ordinary dinner party – here, we offer a combination of succulent delicacies and the greatest Jazz hits to keep you swaying on the dance floor for the finest experience. Every year, we proudly present our place as the ultimate gathering home for the warmest, coziest, most jazzed up New Year party – it’s the ultimate year-end event for your friends and family to enjoy!

In BlackCat, your happiness remains our top priority. So, we make sure that every single detail meets your satisfaction – including our parties. We never want to give the average party, for BlackCat aims to make every event special and unforgettable, just like our customers. So, this year-end, we’re back with our long-awaited, most memorable, most celebratory event: BlackCat Jazz & Blues Club New Year Gala Dinner.

We have been preparing like there is no tomorrow – from the selection of food and beverages, to the entertainment lineup, the settings and atmosphere, everything. For the dinner, we have come up with an extra special set menu, consisting of a selection of the most invigorating beverages and an array of the most delectable dishes, specifically designed for that exquisite New Year feel. Entertainment is our specialty – we guarantee you the best Jazz playlist in the entire country to celebrate the end of the year, from the softest classics to keep you company at the dinner table, to swing songs from big bands that will keep your body moving. We plan to bring out the best of BlackCat for the party by maximizing our capabilities in serving customers in a level way higher than before.

So, what better way to spend your New Year’s Eve than popping the bottles and counting down to 2014 at BlackCat Jazz & Blues Club? Come and join us in this festivity, bring your family and friends along, and have the most unforgettable time of your life!

For further details and early reservations, reach us at (021) 5790-1264.

Tunisian Desert Oasis

Chebika Oasis

Imagine being in the middle of a vast desert in northern Africa, hills of sand and rock that stretches millions of miles to the south – as far as the eye can see. No sign of fauna, no greeneries, no water, and the only shadows that you see are your own. As you traverse this monotonous landscape southwards you notice something different, a big brown rock in the distance, Mount Chebika. Image

The Chebika Mountain range looks as barren and desolate as the surrounding great desert, but it contains something truly benevolent – an oasis, a rare fertile desert ground where water flows through the rocks or seep through the ground, and plants grow to root themselves deep. Old abandoned buildings scatter around the oasis, relics of a simpler time past, it is said that a disastrous flood took place back in 1969 and forced its inhabitants to leave for tunis to the north, or settle themselves at a higher plateau where the waters won’t reach. Today, around 100 people live in settlements around the Chebika Oasis, they are a more modern equivalent of the once crowded stone village.


The Chebika Oasis was also the set of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’s Tatooine (The planet with the Jawas, where Luke Skywalker and his Father were raised : P) The story goes that the oasis was named after one of the characters, Chewbacca.

The Chebika Oasis is certainly a good place to stumble upon when you find yourself lost in the Saharan desert… lots of water around (:

Laos’ Vertical Flowing Water of Paradise


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the waterfall of paradise

Geographically, Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. However, it does not diminish the possibilities for tourists getting unforgettable experiences in water. The vertical flowing water which located in Luang Prabang could give y

ou experience you will never forget. Your eyes will be spoiled by the amazingly beautiful view around Tat Kuang Si waterfall that will make you feel like in Paradise.

Tat Kuang Si 1

Luang Prabang city is now considered as Laos’ foremost tourist showpiece. The tropicalatmosphere intensely becomes an identity of this city. The hidden waterfall, Tat Kuang Si, is located only 45-50 minutes away from the city by Tuk-tuk. By only spending 20,000 kip, we can enjoy the great waterfall. Tat Kuang Si is a multi-tier waterfall with several cascades and turquoise water underneath. All of the natural pools are open for swimming, except this one pool that believed as a sacred place. The water is so cold as trees surround the area; yet swimming in Tat Kuang Si is very soothing especially in sunny days. Small wooden huts and picnic benches are also available in the area, which makes it perfect for family outings. It is possible for us to climb to the top of the waterfall by using the trails; the journey will be hard as the trails are steep and slippery, but the view of Tat Kuang Si from the top is gorgeously worth it.

tiered waterfall

You could also visit the enclosures housing of Asian Black Bears that are rescued by poachers. The signed trails also will lead you to better scenery and you will get to see on of Laos’ most endangered species, the Black Bears, lounging around. The Tat Kuang Si Bear rescue established in 2008, it is a sanctuary from illegal pet and Chinese medicines trades.

The Black Bear

High Above The Clouds


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It is no surprise that people, primarily wanderlusts, are always on the quest for discovering the Earth’s hidden wonders, be it a real-life Atlantis, an underwater cave, secluded white sandy beaches surrounded by pristine waters, or even idyllic islands themselves. Nature is probably the closest heavenly paradise humans can come into contact and with that, nature has never ceased to make humans awestruck and enthralled by everything about it. One natural paradise that has brought me to my knees is the Unkai Terrace, perched on a mountaintop above the clouds in the Island of Hokkaido in Japan. You have probably guessed it, when the appropriate time comes, sea of white, immaculate, various forms of clouds inundate the sky, and viewers receive a picturesque panorama, postcard-worthy of cloudy goodness from the terrace. Now this is the epitome of a hidden paradise – and maybe the closest glimpse of what we get of heaven on earth.


What makes this tourist place very unique is that it requires patience from guests in order to get the perfect view offered by Mother Nature. The formations of clouds depend greatly on the time of day, and even the season. Sometimes guests are highly suggested to rise early to catch the view of the fogs and the cloud blankets by riding a gondola to the mountaintop terrace. Because seeing a natural phenomenon does not come in a blink of an eye – one is required to take extra time and effort to see and experience an unkai (read: Sea of Clouds).

With places and cloud formations like these, people will learn to take their time and appreciate what nature has to offer. Paradise can surely be a wonderful experience but what makes this one worthwhile is that we earn it, depending on nature – depending on whether or not nature themselves permits us to see them. This hidden paradise does not come twice; it only comes once because the possibilities of cloud formations are endless. Clouds are one of the many wonderful things God has created for us so we might as well revel in this heavenly-paradise-on-earth while we can.

For more stories and pictures of Unkai Terrace, check out this article, and this site.

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When The Ocean Meets The Bright Blue Sky


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What comes up in your mind when you think of unspoiled white sand, crystal clear water, calm waves and bright blue sky? Yes, Paradise.

Beach is always a great alternative to relax on your sweet escape. Forget your busy week and loads of assignment for a moment and use your weekend as wise as possible. Lucky for you who live in Indonesia because you are surrounded by beautiful beaches and islands; one of the most popular destinations is of course, Bali.

I’m not going to talk about Bali’s night lives, Kuta Beach, expensive restaurants or everything you have heard before, instead I’m going to bring you to an untouched Utopia in this Island of God. Located in Karang Asem or 3 hours away from Bali’s capital city, “Virgin Beach” is truly a heaven on earth. The fact that not so many people have recognised this place is one thing, but the charming view you will get from this beach is what makes Virgin Beach a great spot for relaxation.

Although it takes sometimes to get here, good vibes you’ll get from this place are priceless. To swim through the waves and spoil your eyes with enchanting sight, you will need to spend all day here. Other unique aspect from Virgin Beach is a whale-shaped island within reach and if you are interested, you can sail to this small isle by renting a boat.

One or two things that might be your considerations such as “How can I find a place to eat in this area” or “Is there any restroom?” and the only answer to them is you don’t have to worry because you will find them easily. In addition, for you who love Bali’s signature goods, you can also get them here.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book a flight to Bali and you will certainly get a kick out of this sheer BLISS.

Pulau Paus

Pulau Paus