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It is no surprise that people, primarily wanderlusts, are always on the quest for discovering the Earth’s hidden wonders, be it a real-life Atlantis, an underwater cave, secluded white sandy beaches surrounded by pristine waters, or even idyllic islands themselves. Nature is probably the closest heavenly paradise humans can come into contact and with that, nature has never ceased to make humans awestruck and enthralled by everything about it. One natural paradise that has brought me to my knees is the Unkai Terrace, perched on a mountaintop above the clouds in the Island of Hokkaido in Japan. You have probably guessed it, when the appropriate time comes, sea of white, immaculate, various forms of clouds inundate the sky, and viewers receive a picturesque panorama, postcard-worthy of cloudy goodness from the terrace. Now this is the epitome of a hidden paradise – and maybe the closest glimpse of what we get of heaven on earth.


What makes this tourist place very unique is that it requires patience from guests in order to get the perfect view offered by Mother Nature. The formations of clouds depend greatly on the time of day, and even the season. Sometimes guests are highly suggested to rise early to catch the view of the fogs and the cloud blankets by riding a gondola to the mountaintop terrace. Because seeing a natural phenomenon does not come in a blink of an eye – one is required to take extra time and effort to see and experience an unkai (read: Sea of Clouds).

With places and cloud formations like these, people will learn to take their time and appreciate what nature has to offer. Paradise can surely be a wonderful experience but what makes this one worthwhile is that we earn it, depending on nature – depending on whether or not nature themselves permits us to see them. This hidden paradise does not come twice; it only comes once because the possibilities of cloud formations are endless. Clouds are one of the many wonderful things God has created for us so we might as well revel in this heavenly-paradise-on-earth while we can.

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