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the waterfall of paradise

Geographically, Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. However, it does not diminish the possibilities for tourists getting unforgettable experiences in water. The vertical flowing water which located in Luang Prabang could give y

ou experience you will never forget. Your eyes will be spoiled by the amazingly beautiful view around Tat Kuang Si waterfall that will make you feel like in Paradise.

Tat Kuang Si 1

Luang Prabang city is now considered as Laos’ foremost tourist showpiece. The tropicalatmosphere intensely becomes an identity of this city. The hidden waterfall, Tat Kuang Si, is located only 45-50 minutes away from the city by Tuk-tuk. By only spending 20,000 kip, we can enjoy the great waterfall. Tat Kuang Si is a multi-tier waterfall with several cascades and turquoise water underneath. All of the natural pools are open for swimming, except this one pool that believed as a sacred place. The water is so cold as trees surround the area; yet swimming in Tat Kuang Si is very soothing especially in sunny days. Small wooden huts and picnic benches are also available in the area, which makes it perfect for family outings. It is possible for us to climb to the top of the waterfall by using the trails; the journey will be hard as the trails are steep and slippery, but the view of Tat Kuang Si from the top is gorgeously worth it.

tiered waterfall

You could also visit the enclosures housing of Asian Black Bears that are rescued by poachers. The signed trails also will lead you to better scenery and you will get to see on of Laos’ most endangered species, the Black Bears, lounging around. The Tat Kuang Si Bear rescue established in 2008, it is a sanctuary from illegal pet and Chinese medicines trades.

The Black Bear