Took place in New York City pastry shop in the middle of May, Dominique Ansel, debuted its work of art that has became the global sensation. Cronut, the confectionary mix-breed, has successfully stolen the hearts of many food lovers. That includes people from Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Berlin, and Philippine.

“It is basically a fuse of doughnut and croissant, yet created a whole difference from both. While the outside layers are sugary and crispy, inside it has soft, tender, layers that represented the trait of croissant,” says Ansel, that claimed that he came all the way from France “another thing that makes it special is that it’s not a simply fried croissant dough, the dough is a specialized mix developed specifically for the cronut.”

Within approximately six months after its initiation, many imitated this masterpiece, abused, and appropriated. Starting from New York, to New Zealand, via London, and the entire UK. It went spreading almost all over the world in such time.

 Could cronut – the brand-newly created cusine by Ansel – become another pastry classic? Or will it just be some fad that will pass eventually? Despite the fame it gained through social media that made it worldwide since its debut, it has yet convinced everybody.