Experience the most purrfect New Year’s Eve yet here at BlackCat Jazz & Blues Club!

It’s not just an ordinary dinner party – here, we offer a combination of succulent delicacies and the greatest Jazz hits to keep you swaying on the dance floor for the finest experience. Every year, we proudly present our place as the ultimate gathering home for the warmest, coziest, most jazzed up New Year party – it’s the ultimate year-end event for your friends and family to enjoy!

In BlackCat, your happiness remains our top priority. So, we make sure that every single detail meets your satisfaction – including our parties. We never want to give the average party, for BlackCat aims to make every event special and unforgettable, just like our customers. So, this year-end, we’re back with our long-awaited, most memorable, most celebratory event: BlackCat Jazz & Blues Club New Year Gala Dinner.

We have been preparing like there is no tomorrow – from the selection of food and beverages, to the entertainment lineup, the settings and atmosphere, everything. For the dinner, we have come up with an extra special set menu, consisting of a selection of the most invigorating beverages and an array of the most delectable dishes, specifically designed for that exquisite New Year feel. Entertainment is our specialty – we guarantee you the best Jazz playlist in the entire country to celebrate the end of the year, from the softest classics to keep you company at the dinner table, to swing songs from big bands that will keep your body moving. We plan to bring out the best of BlackCat for the party by maximizing our capabilities in serving customers in a level way higher than before.

So, what better way to spend your New Year’s Eve than popping the bottles and counting down to 2014 at BlackCat Jazz & Blues Club? Come and join us in this festivity, bring your family and friends along, and have the most unforgettable time of your life!

For further details and early reservations, reach us at (021) 5790-1264.