This week’s blog topic is about Urban Legends. I personally cannot remember any urban legend at the top of my head, so I had to do a mini research on it first before I started my writing. When I surfed on the internet about Urban Legends, most of the stories that came up are horrifying. It is as if horror stories are the epitome of ‘urban legends’ –which is not actually the case. However, I do think that to some extent, scary tales are more captivating to hear than the funny ones, thus making them spread faster.

If you search on the internet about what Urban Legends actually mean, most sites would say that they are popular stories which are assumed to be true. They are usually passed from one person to another orally, or using written communication such as chain letters. The stories vary greatly as they can either be terrifying, outlandish, and even humorous! Sometimes they are told purely just for entertainment but some has a moral to it.

After going through a couple of narratives, there is one record that stands out the most to me:

A woman, walking to her car in a parking lot, noticed a man following her. She quickly jumped into the car and raced away. But the man got into his car and followed her. She drove through the downtown, past businesses, bars, and houses. He persisted in following her. Finally she drove to the home of her brother-in-law, a policeman. Honking her horn, she quickly explained to her brother-in-law that a man was stalking her. “And there he is!” she yelled as the man drove up. The policeman quickly approached the man. “Take it easy” said the chaser. “All I wanted to do was to tell her about the guy in the back seat.” And indeed there was a man huddled in the back seat of the woman’s car, a knife in hand and ready to attack..” (Source: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/around-the-watercooler/201110/urban-legends-strange-funny-horrible-moral)


ImageIt is said that the moral of this story is simply: “always check the backseat!” but, for me there is a deeper significance to it than just checking your backseat. To me, this story is saying that there is more than meets the eye. The women is clearly behaving that way based on her initial judgement of the situation. She did not even bother to check twice on her surrounding which causes her to assume and act hastily. Hence, I believe that the moral of the story is to always analyze every situation thoroughly before taking any decisions as there could be more than just the surface.