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Back then in the first grade of high school, me with three other friends of mine travel to Bandung at a holiday trip. So here we are three young boys traveling from Surabaya to Bandung via bus. When we arrived at there, it’s already past afternoon, so we decide to go to our hotel and set up first. After that we do a little trip near our hotel just by walk. Luckily our hotel is at the center of the city, which mean near to every popular place. Its night already and we’ve been to some cool places. Then we decided to go back to the hotel. But on the way back one of my friend suggest us to go by the street named Bahureksa. I ask to him “What’s so special in there bro?” “Just come with me” he said. All of us agreed with him. Everything is fine until the moment when we about to enter the street. I sense something wrong. At the right corner of the street is full with big trees and from what I can see until the end of the street I only saw a few faint lamps. It turns out the street is very creepy. Is the street haunted? I don’t know, I don’t ask and just keep walking with my friends. Very dark situation and we just keep walking with silence. After a few-hundred-meters walking, suddenly my friend who suggesting to walk by this street stop in front of a house. “What, what is it? Why do we stop?” said my other friend. Me myself also wondering, what so strange about the house? Just ordinary house with a car parked in front of it covered in car lid. Not until my friend explain “Guys you know what? That car parked in front of the house is the famous ghost ambulance! It said there is still blood covering the wind shield, you want to check it?” I said “What????? Are you out of your mind!?!?!” without talking further about it, me and my other friend walk-semi-run back to the hotel while two other friends of mine checking closely to the ghost ambulance. Yes checking it like some tough boys!! When we meet back together at the hotel we discuss about it. “What’s that all about? What happened to the ambulance?” I ask. “The story is, back then there is a Dutch family living in that house. And then the entire family member got killed by an accident. Following the regular procedure their bodies were rescued by an ambulance. After that accident the house become empty for a while. But mysteriously, the ambulance that brings the family bodies, parked in front of the house without someone driving it. It confuses everybody, because every time they tried to move the ambulance it goes back to the house again. And sometimes the engine turns on by itself and disturbs the neighborhood. So they remove the engine, but still for some time the sound of the engine from the car turn up. This is not the end of it”. “What? There are more stories about this ambulance?” “Yes, it said that this ambulance often shows up driving in the middle of the night around the city, some people already prove this event. Not just that, people who play around the ambulance will get followed into their home. Or even possessed by evil spirit and can see the whole family mad of being disturbed! Scary isn’t it?” My friend who checked the ambulance becomes feared of what he’s done and that night he hardly sleep because he keep imagining the ambulance following him to the hotel. Not just him but that night all of us keep thinking about the ambulance. Do you believe this story or not, it’s up to you. But you can check the ambulance by yourself; it’s still there until today at Bahureksa street Bandung.Image