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Do you remember what toys that you used to play in your childhood?

If you are one of the 90s kids, you should still remember that you play Tamiya, remote control car, Barbie, Lego,and many more. Boys usually collect a lot of toys car, and keep trying to buy the new one even though you do not have enough space to keep it. Not only the boys, but the girls also collecting Barbie or other dolls as much as they are allowed to buy by their parents. Both girls and boys always keep buying small things just to complete their collection, such as buying the Barbie costumes. Sometimes, we also play congklak, gundu, or gangsing, the traditional toys from Indonesia. 90s kids love to gather with their friends for playing or competing their toys together.


And how about the toys in this 21s era?Are they still playing the same toys that we play in 90s era?

We might say yes, the girls are still playing Barbie, and the boys also still playing remote control car. But, are there any differences? We may look to the kids around us. We will see that 21s kids are very high-tech or even we could say as gadget-freak. Even 7 years old kids they might be busy playing with their ipad, PSP, gameboy, or even their own smartphone.


It’s very rare to find boys play toys car or girls hold their dolls in public places. And even, we might not find kids are still playing traditional toys. 21s kids have been digitized by many gadget games and prefer to play through those gadgets rather than playing previous toys. With this new toys such as iPad, PSP, or Gameboy, the parents might save more money instead of spending some money on toys, because in those gadgets, kids can play a lot of games and even could download free games.


But it decreases the socialization process because they do not communicate directly even though they could communicate online through several games. In 90s era there was also gadget toys like Gameboy, but most of them prefer to play with their tangible toys so that they could play together with friends.We can see clearly the differences that affected by the development of technology. So, if you could return to the be a kids again, what era and toys you prefer?