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Hallyu, or the Korean Wave is the worldwide spread of Korean culture through their dramas, songs, and cuisines. In Indonesia alone, the impact of Hallyu can be seen from the exceeding amount of K-Pop fans throughout the nation and also the fact that there are many Korean dramas which are aired in national television channels. However, the most notable influence is the increase in the number of Korean restaurants, specifically in Jakarta. One of the main reasons for that phenomenon is that through Korean dramas, fans are successfully intrigued by Korean food. Fans want to try to have a taste of those goodness that their favorite actors and actresses are devouring in their TV screens!

The food that appears the most in Korean dramas is probably tteokbokki, which is a spicy braised rice cake dish. Sometimes, additional ingredients such as fish cakes, eggs, and vegetables are added to get a richer taste to the dish. Tteokbokki is a popular Korean street food which can be found everywhere in every corner in Korea. This dish is commonly shown in dramas as an evening snack eaten in street tents, and is usually complemented by a couple of shots of soju which is a type of Korean alcohol. Tteokbokki can be found in almost all Korean restaurants in Jakarta as it is a must have, must try menu.
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Another food that gets a lot of screen time in Korean dramas is the Korean style fried chicken. In dramas, this dish is usually consumed with family and friends as a meal, or as a snack during family quality time. What makes Korean fried chicken so tasty and irresistible is that they have a very crunchy texture and is less greasy as they are fried twice. Many branches of Korean styled fried chicken are available worldwide. In Jakarta alone, Korean styled fried chicken fast food chain like Bonchon, Lotteria, 4Fingers, and etc. can be found in almost every mall!
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There are a lot more mouth watering Korean dishes that are featured in many Korean dramas which are not mentioned above. However, these two are presumably the most demanded Korean street food that any Korean drama fans across the world have savored.