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Talking about foods, we cannot avoid from talking about Southeast Asian food especially Indonesian food. Indonesia is one of country that acknowledged by its food. Manykind of delicious foods in Indonesia, such as Nasi Goreng, Soto, Satay, Bakso, Pecel Ayam, Mie Ayam, Rendang, and many more. All of those foods are the heritage of Indonesian cuisine.

Rendang, everyone knows rendang is an Asian food. This Indonesian cuisine originally comes from West Sumatera. Traditionally, in Minangkabau, where it originally comes from, rendang is served for the main course in every traditional ceremony. Rendang is also served as the wedding feast, main course in Iedul Fitri, in Malaysia. This Indonesian cuisine is most famous in Thailand, Singapore, and Brunei since it is close to Indonesia.

The taste is so unique and spicy. Mostly people classify rendang into spicy cuisine since the ingredients is mostly spice which is originally comes from Indonesia. Rendang nowadays is not only a beef but also it already developed into chicken rendang, eel rendang, and many more. As the new variance of rendang made, there will be more different taste from the original rendang, which is made from beef. Rendang itself has a variance form such as the dried rendang, kalio or wet, and normal rendang. The dried rendang is described in dried sauce that has already become fleck of coconut shavings. The meat texture is harder than the normal one. Kalio is rendang before it becomes the normal rendang, usually the color is light brown but not as brown as the normal rendang andthe texture of the meat is softer.


Rendang Kalio


Rendang is the most delicious cuisine in the world based on CNN said. In that website says that Rendang is in the first place for the most delicious food in the world. In the second place there is also famous Indonesian food, which is Nasi Goreng, no wonder why Indonesian is acknowledged by its food. Rendang itself become one of main course during APEC in Bali last week. That was one of Indonesian government’s strategies to make rendang become more popular in the world.