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For those avid travelers, do you ever notice the public transportations that flood the streets of big cities around the world? Maybe the yellow cabs in New York, or even the black cabs in London that roams a

round the city streets. In Indonesia, the ubiquitous public transportation that fills the streets is neither yellow nor black, but it’s blue! These blue taxis have been around for forty years beginning with only 25 taxis, which have grown to nearly 30.000 taxis to serve the people of Indonesia.

In its conception, these blue taxis more popularly known as Blue Bird began with a car rental service, or better known as Golden Bird, which was originally catered for journalists from abroad and tourists. Along the years, Blue Bird and Golden Bird added Big Bird and Silver Bird to its family, which are chartered buses and executive taxis respectively.

Color Blue Bird n Pusaka

Besides its focus on catering public transportations to people, the company has sought numerous ways to show its care and concerns towards communities. Some of its community and service efforts include, donations to less privileged children in Indonesia, natural disasters victims, providing aids for educational purposes and others.

For those who support green living, you are able to count on Blue Bird. Their usage of the CnG petroleum proves their concerns towards the environment.


Blue Bird seeks to continually cater and bring the best experience for their customers. If you don’t believe me, listen to Blue Bird’s very own VP in the video below:



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