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Wednesday, 4 September 2013. Martha Tilaar had already 43 years old becoming the leading group of cosmetic brands in Indonesia. As the expression of gratitude, Martha Tilaar held a kind of celebration in PT Martina Berto, Tbk. Hundreds of employees gathered up at field of PT Martina Berto, Tbk in that morning. That day was also the 76th birthday of the owner of Martha Tilaar Group, Mrs. Martha Tilaar.

There were a lot of events there such as “Pemotongan Tumpeng”, “Dangdutan” and Caesar Dance, traditional Indonesian race with bag as known as “Pacu Karung”, and some awarding for the best employees.

In the morning, there was a Pemotongan Tumpeng event. This event is used to show the gratitude of the owner of Martha Tilaar, Mrs. Martha Tilaar. This event was attended by all the employees of Martha Tilaar Group. Martha Tilaar also invited some media to the event.

In the outside, there were a lot of fun event such as ‘Pacu Karung’ or Sack Race and ‘Goyang Caesar’ or Caesar dance, which became the trend among the citizen of Indonesia. There was also a kind of The Best Supporter contest. The judge is the Board of Director (BOD) themselves, such as Wulan Tilaar as the vice chairwoman, Bryan Tilaar as the president director of Martha Tilaar Group, Handi Wijaya as the treasury director, Samuel Pranata as the marketing director, Kilala Tilaar as the vice marketing director, and Nuning Barwa as CSR director of Martha Tilaar Group.


In the afternoon, Handiwijaya gave welcoming speech to all the media partner and all the guests. After that, the winner of all contest in that day was announced in Griya Cipta Wanita Room, PT Martina Berto, Tbk building.

At the end of the event, Martha Tilaar Group gave the appreciation for the best 6 employees that have some prestige and gave the best performance during the workday for Martha Tilaar Group.

Mrs. Martha Tilaar said “We hope that in the next years, Martha Tilaar Group will still in glory and have the spirit to reach their goals, and becoming the master of their own home”