BSD is an independent city which is currently developing. According to Dinda, one of the students of Presetiya Mulya, “there are lots of buildings and new facilities which are still under construction”.  Some of these include properties, small-shops, entertainment spots, office spaces, copy-stores etc.

“In BSD City we do not encounter traffic jams”, Dinda says. “It only takes 20 minutes for me  to reach home, because the highway is very near. That’s why it is much better to go to campus in BSD City, rather than in Jakarta”.

The management is already in the process of planting trees as well as developing a park in order to be used as a study location or simply as a place for students to gather. So far, as Dinda says, it is the downside of BSD City “that there are not lots of trees yet, which makes BSD a very hot and, sometimes, uncomfortable place.”

Furthermore “there are lots of culinary places, which, even though they are not fancy, offer good food at a good price”, she points out. With that BSD is trying to fulfil the needs and price-expectations of the students. “But if you want, you can also find several fancy restaurants there“.  She adds that “in BSD City, there are also several popular spots, like malls, Starbucks, Pepenero,  Blitzmegaplex and others”.

Overall this gives students a chance to live independently. As Tessa, another student of Prasetiya Mulya, points out, “the facilities are very supportive. Each student-residence is providing cleaning service as well as cooked meals.” On the other hand, it is still a problem that “the shuttle bus is often delayed, which makes it necessary for the students to have their own cars or motorcycles if they don’t want to come late to classes”. While the shuttle-bus is supposed to come every thirty minutes, it tends to come only once per hour.