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Polygon is a well-known bicycle brand, which was established in Sidoarjo, Indonesia by PT Inserna Sena in the 1989.  Today, Polygon has become one of the five biggest bike manufacturers in the world. The name “Polygon” comes from a geometric term which means “many sides” to enhance the fact that Polygon has many characters to their products. Polygon’s products vary from an everyday bicycle use to mountain bikes. They produced bicycles not only for adults, but also for children. The bicycles are also exported to approximately 30 countries worldwide. Unlike several other bicycle brands, Polygon is in total control from the concept and production to the distribution of the bicycles. Hence, the quality is stable and consistent for each piece of bicycle, which makes Polygon a trustworthy bicycle brand.

One of the products that Polygon’s specialize in is mountain bike. Mountain bike is a bicycle created for off-road cycling. It is typically ridden on single-track trails, fire roads, logging roads, and other unpaved environments. This kind of bicycle is no doubt the best solution for those who love to venture off road, outdoor enthusiast kind of people. Moreover, the bikes can also be used daily, such as for going to work or campus. Polygon differentiated types of mountain bikes according to different level of peoples’ needs. Those types are under the categories of Gravity, Enduro, Trail, XC Race, XC sport, Leisure, and Women’s. One of Polygon’s best mountain bikes is Collosus DHX, which was categorized under Gravity.

Collosus DHX is the best bike when it comes to downhill ride. What makes it stood out from all other mountain bikes is that it was composited attentively to evade tripping and slippery cases of the users due to the obstacles on the arena. Collosus DHX has high specs designed specifically for downhill cycling or racing. With its lower center of gravity, Collosus DHX delivers a rock-solid ride at any speed and has bottomless suspension feel and highly predictable handling. Compared to other downhill products in the same class with Collosus DHX, the price offered is actually worth the transcendence.

During its existence, Polygon Collosus DHX has brought victory to many professional bicycle athletes, such as Agung Fambudi and Exa Raudina from Indonesia who has recently won an award in Malaysia Downhill Super Series. This bike has also brought Mick Hannah to the position of runner-up in Canadian Open. (Nadia, Nadhila, Andin, Harry / Various Sources)


Polygon Collosus DHX