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1375070_632072713491277_1859264004_nFrom the beginning of their journey, Polygon has a vision to become a top-class worldwide-known bike manufacturer that is innovative, productive, efficient, and competitive. Since then, they have successfully made a large number of advancements to reach their set vision. After all these years, Polygon has been successfully exporting their products worldwide, and has also become one of the five biggest bike manufacturers in the world. Unfortunately, that accomplishment did not gain Polygon a world known popularity. Especially in western countries, Polygon name has not been familiar in the ear of cyclists. This, of course, makes them a little step behind from achieving their vision, since their vision includes being known worldwide.

2013 may be the best year for Polygon. In the late 2012, Polygon was apparently chosen by Hutchinson UR Team as their frame sponsor in the 2013 World Cup Season. Hutchinson UR Team (formerly known as United ride) is one of the World’s Professional Downhill Mountain Bike Team. Joining this team are outstanding, young bicycle athletes from around the world. They are siblings Mick and Tracey Hannah, Holly Feniak, Fabien Cousinie, and Guillaume Cauvin. In the last year World Cup season, the team made it on to more than 34 podiums. The outstanding achievement has made Hutchinson UR sets even higher goals for 2013.  In order to make the newly set goals come true, Hutchinson UR definitely needs the best downhill mountain bike ever made. After testing different bikes, the team realized that Polygon DHX is the fastest bike out of the several bikes they tested. Hence, the team decides to sign Polygon as their bike partner. The team hopes that this partnership will be very helpful for their improvement in racing.


Hutchinson UR Team

In October 2012, Hutchinson UR visited Polygon’s factory in Sidoarjo to officially launch the partnership. It is essential for a racing team and its sponsors to have the same goals and values. Thus, since Polygon has a high professionalism and passion in racing, it was not difficult for Polygon and Hutchinson UR to be in the same page. In addition, Polygon gives the riders authority to develop the bike’s gravity range that makes the bike runs faster, according to what the rider’s desire. Indeed, this is a milestone for Polygon in terms of achieving their vision. With outstanding riders from Hutchinson UR Team representing Polygon DHX bikes in the World Cup circuit, and many more young athletes to come, Polygon will become one of the best and most well known bicycles worldwide in just no time. (Nadia, Nadhila, Andin, Harry / Various Sources)