The construction of the new Edutown lifestyle district belonging to Prasetiya Mulya Business School has been almost completed. It is a 6000m² big area in which a multi-sport court, convenience stores, prayer rooms, parking lots, dining halls, food courts and a 24 hour Wi-Fi connection are provided. This newly developed area was created to fulfil only a small part of Edutowns concept, which is to give the students access to educational, social, cultural, health, recreational, and sports-facilities.

Overall these facilities provide a unique opportunity for students to live independently from their families. The notion of living alone is uncommon for most Indonesian people as it is normal for youngsters to stay with their parents until they get married. Students can set themselves apart and have better work opportunities due to their independency.

Furthermore the schools at Edutown have a good reputation. Prasetiya Mulya is just one example of the top universities located in that area. Others are Sinar Mas, Swiss-German University, Al-Azhar University as well as Saint John school, which are just a few examples of the sixty-three diverse educational institutions.

However, in order to satisfy the student’s needs, Edutown is still in the process of expanding. In that sense the Cilandak campus of Prasetiya Mulya University will be moved completely to BSD City, so that all activities will be conducted in Edutown. With the completion of the expansion, BSD City is expected to be the major educational district in all of Indonesia.