Some of you might know that I have a hobby of distance running. I do a lot of running regularly on Sunday and the running track is around our campus. Last semester I joined my first-ever half marathon on our campus event and I did quite well. But that was the last semester, and I did the distance running for the whole year. This academic year I change my focus into sprint. But where is it differs actually? It’s literally the same thing, running. In this short article I will explain to you the insight of both sprinting and long distance running.

Running is literally the cheapest form of sport/exercise that human ever discover. It doesn’t require any expensive equipment, you can even run in barefoot (barefoot running), unless you want to wear branded shoes and other equipment such as GPS tracker watch/phone.

Sprinting and long distance running differs on the technique. Sprinting is an explosive movement whereas long distance running is endurance. It also differs on the way these athletes train their muscles in order to reach their goals. Sprinter will primary train their fast twitch fibers on their muscles. It reacts instantly and gives a lot of power but doesn’t last long as it quickly run out of energy. On the other hand, marathoner – as we call the distance runner – trains their slow twitch fiber on their muscles. It doesn’t give explosive power but they can give you a steady power over hours of running. As the result of these two different types of running, it gives a total different look at the athletes. Sprinter looks like the bad-ass guy at the movie character while marathoners more appear skinny thin.

Sprinting and long distance running also differs on their track. Sprint has short range, usually 100m, 250m or 500m. At the other hand the standard marathon range are 42km for full marathon, and 21km for half marathon. Although sometimes we can also find some events provide the 5km and 10km range for the beginners.

Both techniques sprint and long distance offer some benefits and also carry a disadvantage. Sprint requires shorter time and the results are fast. You can notice the difference on your body composition and strength in short amount of time. But it can cause injuries if you do it wrong. Long distance offers benefits such as increased endurance and consistency, amazing focus and clearing mind. But it takes a lot of time and can cause damage to your body because of the amount of energy spend for run without feeding the muscle. Not to forget the amount of pressure to our joints especially knees, it’s very hard. But then it comes back to your personal preferences, which one suit you better.610x-11

by Aulia Fairuzannur Yura R

(1st image from personal archive, 2nd image from simplyshredded.com)