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Women's SoccerSoccer in general is seen as men’s sport, and this perception has not changed yet; although women’s soccer has started to show its existence in the field. Women’s association football was established in the 1970s. By 2012, there were 176 national teams who were participated in professional leagues compared with 209 men’s national teams. Both national and international women’s football clubs have shown their contribution in major competitions; such as the Championship of Great Britain and the World, The Football Association Women’s Challenge Cup, UEFA Women’s Championship, and Women’s World Cup.

Sadly, Indonesian Women’s Football team has not been able to emerge in any of those tournaments yet. It is not because we could not perform as well as any other team; however the management of Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) is still need to be concerned.

Perhaps we need to admit that although Soccer is considered as one of the most popular sports in Indonesia; somehow it does not shown by the performance of our national team, both men and women’s team. PSSI has not given any optimal contribution in developing Indonesian Women’s Football clubs. The socialization of Indonesian Women’s Football team has actually started since three years ago, by executing tournaments among provinces. Practically, there are several Indonesian Women’s Football clubs around the country, however the problems they faced were mostly came from lack of sponsors and official national tournaments.

Hopes come from FIFA by their program called FIFA GOAL. Through this program, FIFA helps Women’s Football development in several countries, including Indonesia. FIFA relegated their Marketing Consultant, Michelle Cox, to Indonesia and held Women’s Football Marketing Support Program. Cox stated that FIFA considers the huge population of Indonesia can generates potential athletes. Indonesian Women’s Football team is on rank 68 in the world and rank 13 in Asia, based on Women’s Football rank officially executed by FIFA.

by Ananda Gabriella