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With the receding nationalistic spirit and pride as Indonesians among the younger generations, Guruh Sukarno Putra has stepped in and proved himself capable of winning the hearts of not only the old but also the bright and young future of the nation. His musical slash semi-theatrical show entitled Sri Mimpi Indonesia features performances imbued with Indonesian cultures and heritage, which not only were entertaining and spectacular with all the musical numbers and ornate-detailed costumes and colorful stage setting. Yet, his show was also a reminder that as Indonesians, we are obliged to not only live in it, but also love it, day by day. We bleed red and white and the message that was sent across his show was apparent: that our country is more than just ordinary.

I really appreciate the bourgeoning musical and theatrical performances that Indonesia, particularly the city of Jakarta has somewhat introduced to the young. Besides being a central of nostalgia for our parents and those living in the era, Guruh Sukarno made the show relevant to all. The dynamic and vibrancy of the stage numbers conveys a message of loving one another, the love for our culture, and the love for our country. These kinds of musical performance are worth the watch and experience because we can respect, value and be appreciative of the people that fought to revive the nationalistic fervor back in our country. Shows like these are more than just for entertainment and enjoyment; they send messages and moral values that we ought to remember.